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REMA TIP TOP Holding Benelux BV has acquired a strong position in the automotive sector. Among others, its companies operate in the following fields; tyre assembly and repair, workplace equipment and accessories, air-valves, wheel weights, fasteners, oil and more.
Most of the companies are well experienced in the field of workplace equipment.

REMA TIP TOP Nederland
REMA TIP TOP Nederland is supplier of high quality wheel service materials & TPMS. REMA TIP TOP Nederland is market leader in the Netherlands in their field.

Brekupa Technics
Brekupa Technics is a professional organization active in workshop equipment, specialized in technical installations for fuel, oil, grease, fluids, compressed air and air filtration systems to exhaust gases, dust and vapor.

Explora has a history of more than 60 years. Explora is top supplier of workplace equipment in the automotive sector and positions itself as technical specialist, with a great level of knowledge, advice and support. Explora is committed to car repair centers in the Netherlands to enable them to perform the highest quality of vehicle repairs and to contribute to a safe and sustainable mobility.

MahaExplora Truck & Bus
MahaExplora Truck & Bus has a complete range of products and services for the workshop of trucks and buses. With their knowledge they are a valuable completion for the Capital Equipment market of Rupro Beheer. Besides a wide range of products, you can contact Maha for maintenance and repair matters.

Rokafast is wholesaler/importer, specialized in supplying fasteners for the middle- and wholesale market.

Simson is known for their red coloured repair kit. They sell a complete range of bicycle parts and accessories. The company was founded in 1881 and adds a rich history to Rupro Beheer.





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