Facts & Figures

Rupro Beheer in the Netherlands

  • Turnover approximately €165 million.
  • Around 600 employees.
  • Rupro has 14 companies within the Benelux.

More facts & figures

Rupro Beheer is the parent company of several companies in the Benelux that operate in the automotive and industry sector. With an overall turnover of approximately €165 million and around 600 employees, Rupro’s subsidiaries provide excellent service, a wide availability of products and the best price-quality ratio.

The total Rupro group consists of 14 companies. The subsidiaries that Rupro Beheer owns operate in the automotive and in the industry sector.

Combined there are around 600 employees in the Rupro group.

Rupro Beheer is financially sound with a solvency of 57%.

Rich history
For over 14 years Rupro Beheer combined hundreds of years of experience. Simson, the oldest brand of Rupro Beheer, was founded in 1881.