REMA TIP TOP Nederland B.V.

Since its formation in 1977, REMA TIP TOP Nederland B.V. has promoted the “TIP TOP” brand name to consumers, garages, tire specialists and wholesalers of car parts as well as bicycle dealers. REMA TIP TOP is one of the largest suppliers of tire repair materials and related products, such as workshop equipment and bicycle products.

All sales and logistic departments for the Automotive and Bicycle division are located at the REMA TIP TOP office in Arnhem.

Phone Numbers:

Automotive: 026 – 750 83 83
Fiets: 026 – 750 83 85

REMA TIP TOP Nederland B.V.
Westervoortsedijk 73
6802 EH Arnhem
T +31 (0)26-7508383

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